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From the very first Polperro Festival in 1996 Art has been a major driving force in the attractions on offer. The cover of the programme in that opening year was taken from a painting by local artist Kenneth Hayward and to date a work of art has been featured on the cover for 14 of the 18 occasions – some of them traditional, others created specially.

In 2014 we hope to resurrect the idea of staging art exhibitions at various venues around the village featuring the work of both Polperro-based artists and, by invitation, others from around Cornwall.

We are currently in talks with pubs and restaurants about achieving this aim and we will have details on here as soon as we know more.

There are also plans to decorate the village with artistic banners and bunting for the festival and some of the work to achieve this will take place in workshop events in the weeks leading up to the start of the event. Check out the workshop pages nearer the time to find out more.

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