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Kernow King bio (Wednesday 22nd June 8pm)

Wherever there is a majority, there is a minority lurking quietly around the corner, waiting to get bigger and bigger until it grows enough to become top dog, king of the hill, the group everyone wants to belong to.

Rebel armies, the pub darts team, political parties, chaps who drive Audi TT’s, religion, Cornwall, knitting clubs, men who wear crocs with socks…minorities are everywhere (there are also sub minority categories in minority groups, but that’s another show).

Tickets £10 from Polperro Post office, and Big green bar during festival week .

Polperro Village hall

Bar open from 7.30pm

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Kernow King’s latest show, “Minority Rapport” is (of course) about Cornwall and more of a Cornishman’s outlook on the rest of the world and where he and minorities fit in amongst a world of gigantic majorities. It answers many questions that you didn’t even know you wanted answering!